Local self-government main powers

Local self-government powers in a case of Bratislava-Rača as autonomous local self-government unit are influenced by two-tier model of local government applied in Bratislava. It is expressed primarily in national legislation (Act 377/1990 Coll. on Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic). Bratislava-Rača fulfils tasks of lower level of self-government focusing on local issues and local development, as well as performs transferred powers on behalf of the state and city-wide-government. Other city-wide powers and services provision are administered by city-wide self-government. 

Among main powers and responsibilities of local self-government in Rača we can mention:
  • Economic and social development of Bratislava–Rača, within the framework of city-wide development and related development documents
  • Urban planning and urban development of the city district, planning regulation (with respect to city-wide planning regulations), procurement and approving of urbanistic studies and land-use plans of zones
  • Environmental protection 
  • Protection of local heritage with historic, cultural and social importance for the city district
  • Maintenance of local road system (3rd and 4th class) and local public spaces
  • Consumer protection and operation rules and opening hours regulation in shopping and services facilities, local market places 
  • Local primary schools a school facilities, School Office (Školský úrad) powers
  • Local sport and physical culture
  • Agenda in building order and regulation (Building Office - Stavebný úrad)
Many other powers are administered and public services are provided by city-wide self-government at the territory of Bratislava.