Viticulture and winemaking

City quarter Bratislava-Rača is for centuries famous by its vineyards and winemaking. First written document proving viticulture here is going back to 13th century, however it is usually mentioned that tradition of viticulture is going back to Roman legions presence in this region.

Here is produced brilliant red wine Blaufrankisch/Lemberger widely known as “Frankovka” (more precisely “Račianska Frankovka). Already in 1767 this wine obtained special privilege by the Empress Maria Theresa to supply this wine to the Imperial Court. Although the diversity of wine produced here is now much higher (e.g. Rieslings, Muller-Thurgau, Veltliner, Pinot Blanc, Portugieser, Traminer, Neronet), Frankovka remains the most known wine from Rača.

Within the last decades, wine-making revived and you can find various smaller and larger producers of good local wines in Rača. Many of them follow their family traditions sometimes considered as lost. They have own vineyards, produce wine in own facilities a store it in own win-cellars, you can visit. The largest local producer is Villa Vino Rača a.s. which cultivates about 125 ha of vineyards.
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Active in organization of various events and festival is local association of wide-makers. Their activities are spread across whole year combining seasonal festivals, wine-competitions, wine-tasting, or presentation of wine-growing and wine-making procedures.

For Rača association of wine-makers (Račiansky vinohradnícky spolok) you can visit: