Deciding on childcare is a big decision for any parent. There are a number of factors that will make an impact on your final decision. These include: your child’s age, whether you need full or part-time care, the hours you need services (regular, daytime, evenings or weekends) and your budget. It is important to discuss with the childcare service provider your child’s needs and the service they can provide. You should check that the teachers are qualified and the provider has appropriate childcare policies and procedures in place for example, child protection, behaviour management and accidents. It is also important to check fees, hours, and holiday periods. Make sure to visit when there are children present, so you get a feel for the atmosphere. Some childcare options may be distinguished simply by their opening hours or management structures, and others by the curriculum of education that they use. Staff training can also determine the type of service available, as can the general needs of parents in your area.
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Different types of childcare services include full day care, session services, childminders, parent and toddler groups and drop-in centres. Full day care is a structured care service and may include a session service. Nursery schools provide care for children up to three years of age while kindergartens are assigned for children from three to six years of age. Their main function is to care for children and prepare them for primary school. Some may also include an after-school facility. In full day care, sleeping arrangements and food preparation must meet standards. Session services offer a planned programme such as a morning or an afternoon. These services may also be provided for younger children. In order to provide a session childcare service, a recognised childcare qualification is required. Session services include Montessori groups focus on individualised education, playschools giving children an opportunity to play with other children of a similar age, learn to share and take turns and to understand the rules of the classroom, such as listening.
Childminding service is usually offered for the full working day or for different periods during the day. Parents and childminders arrange their own terms and conditions. Parent and toddler groups are where a group of parents, guardians or carers and children come together for supervised play and companionship for their parents. A drop-in centre offers a service for short periods during the day. These centres are often provided in shopping centres, leisure centres and accommodation facilities. The service is provided as part of a customer or client service and children are looked after while the parent is availing of a service or attending an event.
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Enrolment of children is usually made during the last two weeks of April. Kindergartens serve for children starting at three years of age. The child is admitted on the basis of a written request by the legal representative submitted to the principal, complete with a certificate confirming health of the child from your paediatrician. Decision is fully within the competence of principal, usually based on age of child and capacities available to them.
The Ráčik family centre is a non-commercial facility available to all families with small children, a member of the union of maternity centres. You can join them on a volunteer basis and visit open-air playroom, Montessori games, courses to develop manual and movement skills, creativity and sense of rhythm and movement coordination, and more
Find and book childminding service throughout the whole day or just in the evenings. They will take children to their afternoon clubs, pick them up from pre-school or take care of them when they are sick. Choose from the list and contact according to your requirements