Daily centres for elderly (Denné centrá pre seniorov)

There are three daily senior centres in various locations in Bratislava-Rača. They offer meeting place and various activities for elderly living in Rača.  Senior centres are administered by Bratislava-Rača self-government and its Local Office Social Department. They are open mostly during afternoon hours, but they are also organizing many activities outside the centre (e.g. excursions, cultural events visits). They are mostly organized on membership and self-government principle, so they shape their centre activities according theirs views. Minor, rather symbolic membership fee is usually required (but centres are mostly financed thank to contribution provided by Bratislava-Rača local self-government, eventually sponsors). They are mostly working in local culture centres.
Daily Senior Centre Rača (Denné centrum seniorov Rača)
Žarnovická 7
831 06 Bratislava - Rača
Daily Senior Centre Krasňany (Denné centrum seniorov Krasňany)
Kadnárova 19
831 06 Bratislava-Rača
Daily Senior Centre Rendez (Denné centrum seniorov Rendez)
Dopravná 22
831 06 Bratislava-Rača