Environmental issues and waste

Local self-government in Bratislava-Rača has limited powers in the field of environment and waste management. Main activities in regular waste collection are supervised by city-wide self-government and City Magistracy, and specialised city company operating (OLO, a.s.) in waste collection and disposal (including related fees).
In order to protect quality of environment, those living in Bratislava-Rača can dispose their excessive/voluminous waste in waste disposal site (“Zberný dvor”) free of charge. This waste disposal collection spot is not for waste produced within business activities. Inhabitants of Rača can bring here voluminous municipal waste, biologically degradable waste of plant origin, minor construction waste, glass, plastics, paper, consumable oils and food fats. This site serves only those living in Rača. When bringing you waste to this site you must have your identity card and you need fill form “waste disposal visitor form” (formulár návštevníka zberného dvora) with estimation of waste you are disposing and declaring that you are participating in regular waste collection in Bratislava. This form is also available at the entrance to the waste disposal site. You must respect responsible employees working here and their supervision concerning waste you are bringing. You may enter only with passenger car (up to 3.5t).
For more in Slovak: https://www.raca.sk/zberny-dvor-a-formular-navstevnika/
Waste Disposal Site (Zberný dvor)
Pri Šajbách
Opening hours:
Tuesday: 12:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 12:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 14:00.
(Note: this site is operating only since mid-April to mid-November)

In the field of environment it is important to know that you must ask for agreement if you intend to cut trees or bush on the territory of the Bratislava-Rača at the Local Office - Environmental Department. It does not matter if it is tree in public or private areas. You can cut trees and bush only after obtaining particular agreement. Within this process you can be asked to replaces lost trees or provide financial compensation for lost of greenery. Environmental department provides special form (“Žiadosť o vydanie súhlasu na výrub drevín”) for submitting such request. You must declare you location, reason for such proposal as well as list of trees (sort, circuit, state) concerned by this official request.
Address and contact for this agenda:
Department of Environment
Kubačova 21
831 06 Bratislava-Rača
phone: 02/49 11 24 73
Any inappropriate activities concerning environment in Bratislava-Rača you can report to its Local Office Department of Environment. It can be for example illegal waste disposal, not used car wrecks, various critical environmental damages etc.
Local self-government provides “green taxi” as an additional service in order to avoid illegal waste disposal. If you are unable to deliver you voluminous waste to local waste disposal site (zberny dvor) you can ask for assistance Local Office Environmental Department. You must contact their employees to specify you needs and fill related form. It is provided to those with permanent or interim residence in Rača, at reasonable price (8 EUR, or 2 EUR for elderly) and usual day of green taxi operation is Wednesday.
Address and contact for this agenda:
Department of Environment
Kubačova 21
831 06 Bratislava-Rača
phone: 02/49 11 24 35