Hiking and walking, cycling tourism

Bratislava-Rača is located on the edge of urbanized area of Bratislava in direct contact with vineyards and forest, so it offers very good conditions for hiking and walking. It is very good starting point for hiking in Malé Karpaty Mountains. There are marked hiking routes starting in more places of Rača (e.g. Krasňany, Pekná cesta, nám. A. Hlinku). Similar opportunities are available for cyclists/cyclotourist, mountain bikers, including access to very popular cycling paths as Danube Cycling Path (Along Danube) or Green Bike Tour (in Malé Karpaty Mountains).

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Popular cycling routes are e.g.:
Račianska radiála, cycling path No. 5005, length 5.8 km
Karpatská cesta, cycling path No. 5004, length 14.6 km