Local general practitioners

General practitioners (GPs) provide services to medical card holders free of charge. GPs in the general medical service enter into contracts with the health insurance system to provide services. Patients may generally choose their doctor from a panel of doctors who are part of the scheme, provided the doctor is willing to have them as patients. In general, services must be provided by your own doctor but there are arrangements for emergencies and for moving out of your area. You choose a doctor that is taking part in the scheme and ask the doctor to accept you as a patient. If you have a medical card and you want to change your doctor, you give details of the new doctor. The GP's contract specifies the range of services that the doctor must provide for medical card holders. Broadly speaking, these services must be provided at the same level. For example, surgery times must be the same for all patients, access to home visits must be the same.
Among the services that GPs provide for medical card holders are consultation services at the GP's surgery or at your home as appropriate, proper and necessary treatment of a kind normally undertaken by a general practitioner, this is a matter of individual medical judgement but it also includes services such as immunisation and vaccination for children, prescriptions for drugs, medicines and appliances as required, in some cases, GPs dispense drugs and medicines, blood tests to diagnose or monitor a condition. There are certain services that GPs are not obliged to provide free of charge, for example tests for a driving licence or other reports. You may also be charged for medical certificates. GPs are expected to provide or arrange for the provision of appropriate emergency services for their own medical card patients. If you do not have a medical card this means that you must pay for the services provided. There are no set fees or charges for GP services. The relationship between a private patient and a GP is essentially a contract - you enter into a contract with your GP to provide you with services and you pay for the service. The amount of the payment is a matter for you and the GP.
There are many GPs ('Praktický lekár pre dospelých') and specialists available locally in Rača district, including paediatricians ('Pediatria') but you are free to find a doctor of your choice anywhere in Bratislava area
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