Secondary schools

Secondary level education caters for students aged fifteen to eighteen years. Attendance at school is compulsory for students aged less than sixteen years. Most children start secondary school at the age of fifteen years. Parents and students have a choice of schools. The factors to consider when choosing a school include the admissions policy, curriculum, school discipline, programmes offered, streaming of students, facilities and support services. Admissions policy should be described in the school plan, which the school is obliged to publish. Curriculum is the range of subjects offered by the school. Board of management is obliged to draw up a code of behaviour for students.
Secondary school education in Slovakia is comprised of three types of schools: gymnasiums, secondary specialised schools and secondary vocational schools. Applicants must pass selective exams for all types of secondary schools. Secondary grammar schools, called gymnasiums, provide general secondary education and prepare students for studying at higher education institutions. The studying lasts four or eight years and ends with the leaving certificate exam. Secondary specialised schools prepare students mainly for occupations in the technical and economic sectors, pre-school education, medical nursery care, and fine arts and design. Students in specialised schools must pass the exam in general and specialised subjects. Secondary vocational schools prepare students for various occupations and work activities, which may or may not require training and leaving certificate exam. The general and vocational sections involve education and training. Studying at those schools takes two to four years.
Leaving certificate is an important document supporting personal and social development in Slovakia and is required to enter higher education. Streaming students means dividing them into different classes for all subjects from the time they start secondary school. Assessment of students' progress and feedback to parents and students is regular during parent-teacher meetings. It is important what student facilities are provided, for example a library, access to computers, a language laboratory and facilities for lunch, sports and recreation. Support services and extra-curricular activities include sport clubs, arts, debating and others.
You can send your child to the post-primary school of your choice, provided there is a place available. Most schools are in a position to enrol all children who apply; there is no automatic guarantee of a place in the school you choose. In order to enrol your child, you should first check the list of schools in area. Then, you should contact the school of your choice to see if there is a place available. You may need to contact other schools to find a place. The majority of schools do not charge fees. Second-level education consists of a typical 4-year cycle ending with leaving certificate exam.
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Learn more about school leaving exam for the secondary education in Slovakia. It is obligatory for all students of secondary grammar schools, schools of art and vocational schools. Every student is given certificate after passing the exam