Social rented housing

Local authority is providing social housing for people who cannot afford to buy their own homes. Local authority housing is allocated according to eligibility and need. Regulations prescribe how housing authorities should handle social housing applications. Important elements of these regulations include that: you can only apply to one housing authority; in general, you must already be living in the area covered by that housing authority or have a local connection with the area. You will only be considered for social housing if your household income is less than the threshold that applies in the area.
In order to qualify, you must be eligible for social housing and you must be in need of social housing. The housing authority will assess your eligibility first. It will only assess whether you need social housing after it has deemed you to be eligible. Foreign nationals must have a legal right to remain in the state on a long-term basis. To be regarded as eligible for social housing you must satisfy the income criteria. You must also show that you do not have suitable alternative accommodation. Local government has detailed guidance on how household income is to be assessed by local authorities. You will be regarded as having alternative accommodation if a member of the household has property that the household could reasonably be expected to live in. This includes property that is being rented out. You can terminate the tenancy if the household needs the property to live in.
When deciding whether your household is in need of social housing, the housing authority must consider the following questions: is your current accommodation an institution, emergency accommodation or hostel, are you homeless, is your current accommodation overcrowded, is it fit for human habitation, does it meet the accommodation requirements of a household member with a disability, is it unsuitable for your household’s adequate housing on exceptional medical or compassionate grounds, if it is shared with another household, have you a reasonable requirement for separate accommodation, has your household’s current mortgage been classified as unsustainable, is your current accommodation unsuitable for your household’s adequate housing in any other material respect, having regard to particular household circumstances.
If you are accepted by the housing authority as being eligible for and in need of housing, you are then placed on its housing list or record of qualified households. The income of any other members of your household will be added to the calculation and there may be deductions for any children in your family. Each local authority operates its own rent scheme. Your local authority may have a minimum and/or maximum rent, which may depend on the size of your home. There is also a hardship clause that gives local authorities discretion to reduce the rent if there are particular reasons to do this. If your income or the income of anyone in your household changes, you must inform the local authority.
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