There are a number of telephone networks in Slovakia. Each mobile telephone network is operated by a different provider. In order for a mobile telephone service provider to gain access to the market, they must be licensed. Each of the mobile telephone service providers offers different packages to consumers. Consumers can compare mobile phone charges across all operators. If you buy a mobile phone you have a contract with the mobile phone service provider. The type of contract depends on whether you choose a pre-pay or post-pay mobile telephone service. Post-pay service means that you receive a bill for all the calls that you make. There are also many variations.
When choosing a mobile phone package, ask yourself when you expect to make most of your calls, will you use text messaging more than voice calls, which service providers are being used by the people whom you are likely to be calling. It is possible to change from one service provider to another service provider and retain your existing mobile telephone number. However, before changing to a new service provider you should first check what contractual obligations you have to your existing service provider. If the handset or other piece of mobile equipment that you buy from a mobile phone service provider or other retailer becomes faulty you can return it and you can get a repair replacement or a refund.
Mobile phone insurance like other types of insurance can insure the handset against loss, theft, etc. Many mobile insurance policies offer to protect your mobile in specific situations, such as accidental damage, from theft, loss, water damage, accidental damage and more.
If your service provider allows you to use your mobile phone when you travel you can be charged roaming rates. Roaming is the ability to use your mobile phone while abroad. Mobile phone customers will be charged the domestic retail price for calls, texts and data when travelling in the European Economic Area. Different service providers charge different rates for mobile service packages. It is up to you to research the different rates and to see where you can get best value for money for the services that you use.
Mobile telephony and data services in Slovakia are provided by four companies
There are many different options for accessing the internet from your home. Common methods of access by users include broadband over designated cables and wireless connections. The option you choose can depend on cost, connection speed, quality of connection and whether a service is available in your area. Internet service providers are regulated. Some internet service providers can also provide phone and television services. You can subscribe to a different service provider for internet and telephone purposes if you wish. Shop around for the best package that meets your needs. Broadband is a term for high speed internet access. Broadband allows users to access bigger amounts of data such as large video files. The benefit of broadband is its speed and that it is always on. There are many different providers of Broadband and each will have a different package for the provision of services.
Most offer a flat rate which means that you will be charged the same for provision of services every month. There may be a limit on the amount you can download. Make sure that you are happy with these limits when you subscribe to the service. Broadband speed is measured in Mb per second. Download refers to the speed with which you can receive content from the Internet. Upload refers to the speed with which you can send content. Most people download much more than they upload, therefore Broadband download speeds are always set to be faster than upload speeds. If you have a contract with a service supplier you can expect that the supplier has the necessary skill to provide the service, the service will be provided with proper care and diligence, the materials used will be sound and that goods supplied with the service will be of merchantable quality. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your internet service you should, in the first instance make this known to the service provider.
Regulatory authority in cooperation with non-profit organisation and telecommunications operators set up a web search engine and price comparator of offers for fixed broadband access to internet