Working legally

If you intend to come to work in Slovakia you need to know the rules about the formalities involved in travelling to Slovakia, the rules about permission to land in Slovakia. It would be helpful to know general information about who is entitled to come to Slovakia and about living in Slovakia before you come here. You may find out about job vacancies and how to begin the process of finding a job in Slovakia. Citizens of certain countries need a visa in order to come to Slovakia. You must apply for a Slovak visa. A visa does not confer any right to live or work in Slovakia.

If you are from an EU member state or one of the countries of the EEA or Switzerland, you are entitled to come to work. You do not need an employment permit. You are entitled to have your dependants come to live with you. If your non-EEA spouse or civil partner is coming to live with you, they must apply for permission to remain under EU Treaty Rights in order to have similar rights to live and work in Slovakia. If you are an EEA or Swiss national, you are entitled to be treated in the same way as Slovak citizens when you apply for work. You are free to apply for any job vacancy, including jobs in the public sector, but not the diplomatic service. There is a system of mutual recognition of qualifications between the EEA countries. If you are from another country then generally you need an employment permit. 

You do not need an employment permit in order to work legally in Slovakia if you are in one of the following categories: citizens of the EEA member states and Switzerland, and their spouses, civil partners and dependants regardless of their nationality, people who have been granted refugee status in Slovakia, people who have been refused refugee status but have been given permission to remain on humanitarian grounds, people who have been given permission to remain because they are the spouse, civil partner or parent of a Slovak citizen, postgraduate students where the work is an integral part of the course of study being undertaken, non-EEA nationals carrying out scientific research for an approved research organisation. It is generally allowed that a non-EEA national, legally employed by a company in an EU country provides services on a temporary basis to a company in another EU country on behalf of his/her employer without the need to obtain an employment permit.

There are general rules which apply to all employment permits. If you are refused an employment permit, you may ask for an internal review. Employers who want to employ people who need employment permits have to meet certain requirements. They must be legally trading in Slovakia. This means they must be registered with the company registry if the employer is a company. You can check the registration. The employer must employ you directly. This means that applications from recruitment agencies, agents, intermediaries or companies who intend to outsource or subcontract you to work in another company are not accepted. 

Employees who have employment permits are obliged to abide by the immigration rules. This means that you may need a visa in order to come here and you must register with the immigration authorities. Your right to have your family come and live with you in Slovakia depends on the type of permit you have. You can find out about the residence rights of family members. Foreign nationals who are legally working in Slovakia have exactly the same rights under employment legislation as Slovak working here. The new employment permit is given to the employee. The permit contains a statement of the rights and entitlements of the worker. The statement of rights includes the information about when and how the worker may change employment. The statement also includes details of pay, rights under the national minimum wage legislation and any deductions which it is proposed to make from that pay.

Employers are not allowed to deduct expenses associated with recruitment from the employee's pay and are not allowed retain any of the worker’s personal documents. Applications for employment permits can be made by you or your prospective employer. If you are in Slovakia and you need Slovak translations of documents you can contact the embassy or consulate of your country for assistance.

For details on legal issues concerning employment of foreigners see official resources

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